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An Ark

I saw an Ark it made me wonder,

it rose above like fire and thunder,

It flew through space at timeless speeds,

And vanished where man has no needs.




Why we Dream

We dream of things we want to be,

Not knowing if it’s best for you or me,

We choose our destiny and path everyday,

Hoping its’ the one that will enlighten the way.

We work for things we throw away,

forgetting what’s important I’ll remind you today.

Love is great among all things,

It begins with your heart in harmony with things.

Know thyself among kings.

walk in harmony with the wind,

love has found you.


The Path

Oh poor us, who think we are so grand,
We look to our accomplishments with smile and hand,
are we so great as to make a change,
can you pull the sun or moon from the sky,
Did you ever wonder why,
we are the created and not the creator,
when we feel so grand ,
open your eyes and look to this land,
trouble abounds all around,
Remember your place in this world,
Your future in the next is your choice,
Choose GOD.


Sweet & Simple

Love is sweet love is simple,
Love will hurt you and make you giggle,
Love is made to make you wonder,
Not only  for love, passion or hunger,
Love will cut you more than once,
But if it wasn’t for love there wouldn’t be much,
love is made to make you cry,
But If it wasn’t for love you wouldn’t be alive.



My mind went on a timeless trip where space and reality bend,
As seen through the eyes it began to blend,
It was green and yellow colors of our earth,
But it was from a planet that was never given birth,
It’s life was endangered and singled out,
And never given it’s place in the human race,
Through time and space reality wouldn’t budge,
So this mind began understanding only love.


An aspect of Love

Two shall love as great as the sun,
And there love shall lie in the depths of the night,
Where the two lovers shall spend time in moonlight,
As dawn rolls over their love will be as strong as the sea,
With titan winds as powerful as gusts,
There love will be for the world to see.

The Most Beautiful Sunset

As the hazy sun dips into the sea,

The color of red paints the sky an abstract of life,

As the radiating sun polarizes the sea,

The echo of life can be seen through the glowing sun as  she leaves her post.

Darkness falls upon the sea.