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The Problem with IRAQ

To say the problem might be understating the problems.  I don’t think sending any of our soldiers in harms way for Iraq is a worthwhile effort given the history and current geopolitical state it’s in. Sending drones in is the correct course of action at the present time and could have been in the past given the readiness of the fleet.  Although it’s just a thought, we have the ability and resources to change the battlefield for some time now, maybe now it’s time.



Corporate culture or trickery

A word not heard too often before the 1990’s, but what does it really mean, is it the culture of work environment you work in with your colleagues or the super imposed translucent fake culture they are trying to sell you or push down employees throat, volunteerism has become a much too often used word in a world controlled by the few, while the rich continue to abuse their privileges upon the poor. Removing the middle class altogether is at the heart of their plans to make a more totalitarian society for the few while the rest are so busy trying to make a living they can’t see the 800 Lb. gorilla in the room. OK I’m just ranting now, blah, blah blah.

China’s Wakeup Call

I ‘m shocked to see my niece yesterday via video-cam in china and learn her beautiful long hair had been cut like a boy!  I asked what happened, she told me the teacher had ordered all the girls to have their hair cut, I pondered a bit and had to ask, why? She told me the school wants the students, girls mostly 13-15 in middle school to focus on studying and not their looks, How cruel and asinine an ideology . I find such hypocrisy in the Chinese education system its pathetic, you see for the last 15 years to learn something in china you need to pay the teachers off, bribes  in the forms of money, gifts or something of value.  If you do not pay the teachers off then they put the child in the back of a 48 child packed room and tell the parents the child is bad or doesn’t study enough. To give a real life example of this, a friend of the family had a daughter who was fairly smart and couldn’t pass the test because the teacher said “didn’t you go to my school to learn this.”  You see in china there are no real learning exchanges in the classrooms unless you pay for learning after school, another dirty little secret china needs to change.  The mere fact that teachers are abusing the system like this should outrage the parents but so many are afraid of speaking out for fear of repercussions.   I say to the families go to war with these bastards, reading this article sadden my heart  When a school/government pushes its people too far the only course left is revolution.   As Artist and filmmaker Zhang Bingjian said in the article A Portrait of Chinese Corruption In Rosy Pink, by in Louisa Lim.  “If you want to do business here, even if you want to find a good school for your kids, you have to corrupt somebody,” says Zhang. “If you want to find a good hospital for your mother, you have to give money to somebody under the table. … It’s like a hidden rule.” I think that rule needs a change before its sadistic ideologies hit other shores.  I know there are enough Anonymous people out there to make it happen.  This Dragon is awake, take note China, 1337


When said org has information more than the layman then one realizes that as the doors open not for the one with the credit score but for the one that realizes that between an intellectual and a criminal only the rules of gov make it so a new perspective comes into play.

Choice in Character

It never seems to amaze me how so many people like to look on the negative side of things in this world, especially in politics.  I am happy we have such an optimistic President Leading our country  It would be nice if you had something positive to say, Mr. Issa.

Presidental troop support

Whether its former President Bush teasing Senator John Kerry about troop support putting in question democratic support for troops. Its clear with the efforts President Obama has done that he is clearly for supporting and helping our troops.  Just yesterday on thanksgiving day Our President called 10 soldiers to wish them a happy thanksgiving day  is a thought from the heart.  I am also aware of other support President Obama has done.

As a veteran I feel more can be done to help veterans for instance “”18 veterans commit suicide each day. Five of those veterans are under our care at VA.”” this leaves 13 who cannot get VA care in the higher risk category, The bill and rules that congress and the house have passed need to be corrected for all veterans who served our country to be able to get decent health-care from the VA. I believe its the least we can do for the Brave Men & Women of this Great Republic & Nation to give some dignity and purpose to their lives for what they have committed to do for our protection and safety.  If it were a child of our own what price would we pay to resolve an illness or could we ever put a price on that, lets not put a price on the ones who served this Great Country and who have given the ultimate price their life, and those who are willing to do the same for our protection, Never must we abandon them Never!


Good Span Senate

It’s been very pleasing to see the C-Span hearings of Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight. The Esteemed Senator Claire McCaskill and Scott Brown are doing great work for our country.  It’s amazing to see the waste of resources but more amazing to see the accountability being implemented. I commend you Senators for such excellent progress and work.