The refugee solution.

It seems so many people from various countries around the world don’t like the terrorist maskerading  as refugees, I can’t agree more. with such brilliant minds that run entire countries it seems the presidents, prime ministers, emporers and general elite should look to Africa as a solution. With billions of dollars being wasted or eaten up by “refugees” and people who were born in their homeland not being able to live a good life of prosperity, I suggest moving them all to Africa as a collaborative effort by all member countries who participate in this business of charity and humanitarian efforts. Africa can use the extra money in the form of reform and general diversity. If all countries just contributed a bit of money and effortless thinking they could actually improve their standings with their constituents or native citizens. As the heads of Governments of the world take their roles in the coming months a serious look should be taken at absolute resolve and not just an  inherrant resolve.  The root and seeds should not be planted in other people’s garden no matter the case a civilized resolution to this crisis has belayed the groundwork and blueprint to this matter now let’s make it happen. ~1337

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