Guns and those who can carry them.

I think it’s about time we develop a test to psychologically and genetically determine who is qualified to carry a weapon or we need to take the human element out completely with robotic monitors to remove the threat from the people, people make mistakes not machines, only those who program them.

It doesn’t matter who is behind the trigger, everyone who wants to carry a weapons doesn’t mean everyone is qualified to do so.  This test is one of the most important research developments along with cancer, we have people dying of all races and colors and profession because of emotions, fear, lack of training and poor candidate selections. Owning a device that terminates life is not something that should be handed out like chocolate to anyone. The current system is broke, the forefathers had a great idea, and I believe the right to bear arms was part of their enterprise in design a work in progress so let’s progress with some better solutions. CJ~1337

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