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22 Hacking documentaries list, 2600 reasons to view.

58:15:00 Anonymous Documentary – How Anonymous Hackers Changed the World Full Documentary

57:41:00 The Truth Of Biggest Scandal Of Phone Hacking : Full Documentary

56:09:00 Hack, Hacking Hackers – In the Realm of the Hackers [The Full Documentary Movie]

52:43:00 Zero | Documentary

50:16:00 Billionaire Hacker Documentary 2015

50:09:00 Hackers The History Of Hacking – Phone Phreaking, Cap.Crunch, Wozniak, Mitnick

50:09:00 Discovery Channel – The Secret History Of Hacking

49:06:00 Hackers, Outlaws Angels [Full Documentary]

46:43:00 Hackers – National Geographic – (Full documentary)

46:39:00 Hackers: Outlaws and Angels Full Documentary

30:51:00 Free the Network: Hackers Take Back the Web

28:16:00 BBC Panorama Hacking Power Documentary 2014

20:12 16×9 – Hackers World: Anonymous investigation [1080 HD OFFICIAL]

20:00 In Search of The Most Dangerous Town On the Internet [Official Documentary]

18:13 China News – CCTV Documentary Shows Chinese Military Hacking – NTD China News, February 20, 2013

17:50 Top hacker shows us how it's done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest

15:01 National Geographic Hacker – 2010 Documentary – Part (1/4)

4:32 5 Most Dangerous Hackers Of All Time

1:51:25 DEFCON – The largest Hacking Convention in the World

1:35:38 HD Documentary 2015- Its All About Hacking – Computer Hacking Experts|Documentary Science 2015, New

1:31:20 Anonymous – The Hacker Wars Full Documentary

1:26:35 Can you hack it? Hacking Documentary




Samsung and loser installed apps

Dear Samsung why do you allow the New York Times app on your products they our a financially losing company, who cannot make money less give advice. C.J.T~1337The Lourve Museum In Paris

Rubio the con Artist

Amazing , this young guy, who everyone can see is not ready for prime time, trying to take stabs at a successful billionaire businessman. Take about a con, Washington to the people already know the establishment is a bunch of con artist who some get elected some not, Donald is not part of that group, self funding.

Marco Rubio  and Ted Cruz people our like CEO’s of companies run by the board what they really represent is hidden by the board, Trump is free.


Hawaii by Day

do the math.

Leave APPLE alone.


Guns and those who can carry them.

I think it’s about time we develop a test to psychologically and genetically determine who is qualified to carry a weapon or we need to take the human element out completely with robotic monitors to remove the threat from the people, people make mistakes not machines, only those who program them.

It doesn’t matter who is behind the trigger, everyone who wants to carry a weapons doesn’t mean everyone is qualified to do so.  This test is one of the most important research developments along with cancer, we have people dying of all races and colors and profession because of emotions, fear, lack of training and poor candidate selections. Owning a device that terminates life is not something that should be handed out like chocolate to anyone. The current system is broke, the forefathers had a great idea, and I believe the right to bear arms was part of their enterprise in design a work in progress so let’s progress with some better solutions. CJ~1337

Sensored world of social media

Unless your hosting your own social media, it is being sensored by its appropriate application administrators, I.E., Facebook,linkedln, Twitter, wordpress, If your post or comment is not to the liking of that person who is working at the time you just might lose your post or it just may never get posted, with this in mind, when you spend time writing about what you think may matter to the American people but some other organizations our  trying to undermine your comments for their own profitable greed, you realize the only answer is writing a book.