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Anomaly G-D

I received a letter the other day and it was from a Jewish organization ,Jews for Jesus, I was happy they are able to keep up with my address, my heart was compelled to send something since I felt a strong energy from receiving the letter. If you were to ask me what religion I’m am I might say it’s not what I think I am it’s what G-D had decided long before I was born. I have experience with people from all walks of life from princes to house cleaners and other cleaners of sorts, My military background was just a primer for the goodness to come. I have respect for those who have respect for life, because it’s something that fades away from its inception and anyone or thing wanting to accelerate that process is either mad or insane, either way, it will not be in our Kingdom. G-D has established rules for a reason, and any intelligence being, being able to read what he had given to man in many countries and many languages should be able to. See that. The struggle that man has is not mans alone and might this be an insight into a deeper understanding of a larger picture.~1337


A Message to those who seek AMERICA harm.

I am relentless without mercy, for every action you’ve take against my country I have taken 3 against yours. Will I stop NO, can you stop me, NO, do I worry about myself or loved ones NO,  What you represent ISIS will be reduced to a fairy tale when I’m finished. I was breed for excellence, you barely can read, My family tree our warriors,  your family tree our slaves. You are a band of idiots . WE OUR A BAND OF BROTHERS.~1337

The Analysis of Analytics

Analytics is a fancy way of saying, “We think we know what you might do or what will happen next” I find the idea of this amusing from an intelligent standpoint.  When one is aware of how analytics is used, along with Big Data then “one” will never enter into that matrix for any real understanding of the individual or thing in question. PSYOPS play a vital role in everyday life that most our not aware.  When organizations and corporations our using the biggest and baddest tech that money can buy, to get your $$$$ money,  you need to Incorporate some counter defensive systems in response.  AI Vanguard is on the horizion, Fusion centers continue to use predictive analysis which has been and can be extremely useful in keeping America safe, which is my primary an primacy. ~1337


Long Walker our nine voices our 1

We our many but speak as one, seems I’ve heard this somewhere, Nine dragons fell to earth one day, not everyone thought the nine dragons were dragons but this is what they were told so they didn’t want feel different then the others so they just decided to agree with everyone. But their was this one boy who wouldn’t agree with all his people. He try to tell them that they were visitors from another world. The people told the boy that these dragons have been here before and that they have been written about for eons and our in the caves all over earth. The pictures and stories of the past tell of how humans have killed them in the past. The people asked the boy why do you insist that these dragons our aliens? The boy replied because they told me. The people thought the boy was mad so sent him to a hospital for the mentally ill. The boy suffered much there but was able to use his abilities to counteract  the incident but he was damaged by their drugs which they gave him to try to make him forget what he had heard and saw.  The boy went on to accomplish much good over time with people and as time has past,  that little boy is about to write a book. .~1337