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The Ai of Ai’s

When I think of the plans some have for the future it could make some shrek, the idea of living forever as a machine is getting closer and closer to reality and this will be the singularity that changes evolution to the next step as well as usher in its possible demise. The idea of reading ones thought pattern signature as I call it is already being done with wires, wireless coming soon. Our machines can now track most of the ability humans have and can measure them as well. Social media was a great concept for the inventors until it was well thought out by its users. What a better way to monitor and control your people then to put them online and make them communicate, then send in agents and bots and undercover to provide disinformation and swing your opinion about subject matter. While most are ranting and raving about issues little do they know the bots have them out numbered and when X wants something good to trend it does. Facebook, another Intel gathering device used to track and monitor your location and buying habits as well as a lot more information but I wrote about this year’s ago no need to repeat. Hi Google.


The Savant

Hey Echo 6 long time ring me up, Its been an interesting ride these last few months, I see mexico still wants to have its GOV. hacked #ReleaseTheMarine #HackMexico8.4.14 I see so many patriots these days great to see all the wake ups. Chris Brogan you have a great sense of humor with your early morning article today, of course we all need to aim higher. I guess next time someone from my home state “Chris Brogan” emails me it better be him. Glad to see the American Spirit Alive and Well, So much musing go on today people living in the past worrying about the future, everyone just all together..┬áBreath…………#LiftYourSpirit

THE Ai Of Transcendence

I thought the movie was well crafted, I remember reading Simons soul as a teenager and the plot for the most part was same, The movie did go beyond my expectations overall as a more crafted film than others who have tried to tap on this subject. It is worth seeing in IMHO. The thought of and Ai disobeying the laws of robots is possible but also lessens the hit if Ai is seen under the veil of robotics. Until an absolute point can be established we have no grounds for Initiating our own destruction.