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Organization X

X says these countries our mine, say America, England and Sweeden.  It matters not who X puts in charge of any of these countries. When X needs something done, his “Property Manager” ,”President” or which ever title they hold Put some of X’s agenda in play, pass some laws, change a few things around, until the people have had enough and either try to remove him from power or he/she finishes their term assignment.  This is a continual process from King to Queen to Prime Minister to Dictator they are all ruled and owned by X. ~1337


Tea time

Tea time is my way of saying it’s time to wake up and slow down at the same time if you know what I mean. I find tea to have a much more palatable taste around the 5-6ish am hours than coffee. If you run your life to fast without thinking about your current state of being your future state is almost inevitable.  Life like progress will always move forward, keeping the pace is not as important as knowing it’s destination. The goal will always be in front of us, but so few of us are able to achieve it. To the ones who do, I say continue, you as I,


have cracked the code.


The Problem with IRAQ

To say the problem might be understating the problems.  I don’t think sending any of our soldiers in harms way for Iraq is a worthwhile effort given the history and current geopolitical state it’s in. Sending drones in is the correct course of action at the present time and could have been in the past given the readiness of the fleet.  Although it’s just a thought, we have the ability and resources to change the battlefield for some time now, maybe now it’s time.