Technology The Enabler ~ Disabler

Funny thing technology, it enables us and disables us all in the same moment depending on the user, such as some companies I call know me by my phone number while others need many amounts of numbers and words to authenticate my identity. I understand the security in both cases and they are equally the same in their protection method technology.  So why is it some companies which clearly have the funds to support such software purchases are not doing it! could it because they like to create a false sense of protection or just make the 99% of people work more?

Technology can use the same password protection to protect you as well as lock you out of the most important & private information about your life.  Today Data has become monetize like never, and those who are not aware of this could lose their money by not being ahead of the curve on this information.  It’s important that technology continues to develop and create creative ways to solve todays problems but also equally important your aware of the disabling side of it as well, and set up gatekeepers to keep those issues in check.




The book ” Technology Enabler ~ Disabler”  still in writing hope to be out late 2014  By C.J.T



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