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My Name is Paris



Dear Congress

Thank you for your efforts in these matters please do not make the mistake not respect and honor your Soldiers.


5 Types of Women to Avoid?

I have found in life that their are at least 5 types of women we as men would rather avoid, we are not always aware of these types of women in the beginning of a relationships but over time they are unmistakeably traits to be avoided. the 1st one is “I like to speak to my mother day and night on the phone.” This type of women should be avoided at all cost, the big red flashing light should be going off about now.  The second type of women is the “I want to change you type” you know the kind, the ones that think for some reason were broke and they want to secretly or secretly fix us. The 3rd type of women is “I have daddy Issues” you can figure the rest. The 4th type of women is “Bossy pants” and we know where that’s going to end up. The 5th type of women is “I live for you and cannot breath without you” This type of women should have you running for the door if your not already. ‘I’m not sure exactly why I decided to write this but I do hope it opens a few eyes.