SHAQ I’ve seen the future of the NBA

Ever since I meet you in Starbucks in Orlando, you know the corner you were driven your burgundy superman ride . A refresher just my wife and I were in the store and you came thru the door with another short guy and waived at my wife. I remember I was in line thinking who’s this guy waving at my wife no one else was in Starbucks, and I turned around and asked you, You know my wife? and you said oh is that your wife, you have a beautiful wife and that’s when It I said you look familiar and  I made the connection. On to the real part of my point here, OMG what did you do on Kimmie live, really  Shaq you missed how many times Really ….I had to tell you and anyone else who didn’t see the clip on Jimmy Kimbell live the other day it was so funny, A 4 year old out-shooting Shaquille O’neal priceless, Till we cross paths again peace out.

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