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I can’t believe the Hippocrates in the Media these days who just can’t remember what its like to be young.  I’ve never heard so much useless talk by the media since moving from NYC to LA about Justin Bieber.  WTH give the guy a break, I think too many people who are insecure about their own lives and financial shortcoming like to use celebrities as scape goats. No one in this world is perfect and we all have made mistakes some more than others, I often think how great it would be if society could focus on the positive aspects of life and people.

Peace & Love ~⚜♞⊕✠\龍♥☠♥龍/✠⊕♞⚜~


Ellen DeGeneres Heart of Gold

I was watching the show today and I can’t stop thinking about how wonderful a person Ellen DeGeneres is, Ellen is someone on television that shares her heart and kindness with the world. Loving people should be recognized in this world because the world is in need of alot in my eyes. Thank you Ellen for being who you are.



SHAQ I’ve seen the future of the NBA

Ever since I meet you in Starbucks in Orlando, you know the corner you were driven your burgundy superman ride . A refresher just my wife and I were in the store and you came thru the door with another short guy and waived at my wife. I remember I was in line thinking who’s this guy waving at my wife no one else was in Starbucks, and I turned around and asked you, You know my wife? and you said oh is that your wife, you have a beautiful wife and that’s when It I said you look familiar and  I made the connection. On to the real part of my point here, OMG what did you do on Kimmie live, really  Shaq you missed how many times Really ….I had to tell you and anyone else who didn’t see the clip on Jimmy Kimbell live the other day it was so funny, A 4 year old out-shooting Shaquille O’neal priceless, Till we cross paths again peace out.


What does it mean to be American, It means I’m feared and Loved at the same time but never overlooked on the worlds stage, I’m a defender of the helpless and a promoter of freedom wherever I go. I’m the flag whose colors don’t run  and the people who get the job done. Are we the movers and the shakers one might need not ask.  We are the one, who the world looks to when Disaster comes, because we are the ones who’s reputation precedes us. Whether you think, good, bad or Indifferent we are American 100% and today we celebrate our Great Nation.


Although It may appear I’ve been MIA for the last few months, Don’t believe the hype:



Tesla2 Let’s build the tower, Labyrinth come in.

I think its time the world seriously considers what the possible benefits of making this work will bring. Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower should not have been taken down and turned into a museum just because somebody can raise a million for a museum. I’m aware the best way to realize potential is to attempt it.  I don’t believe I’m alone in my thoughts on Tesla and I hope someday the greed of the 1% can realize the benefit of the 100% such knowledge will bring.