On this day in history

Jack the Ripper killed his last prostitute today in 1888. Idaho became the first state to grant votes for women – but only men voted on it, of course. Give ’em a hand! The first Auto Show was held at Madison Square Garden in New York with 31 cars on display in 1900. The Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Our Town” opened in New York and ran a surprisingly short 77 performances. Russia launched the first dog in space in 1957. The Iran-Contra affair began today when a Lebanese magazine revealed that the US sold arms to Iran. The Abruzzi earthquake in Italy killed 15,000 in 1706. Also dead: Annie Oakley, Henri Matisse, Wilhelm Reich, and Mary Martin. Celebrating birthdays: Adam Ant, Kate Capshaw, Dennis Miller, Roseanne, Lulu, and James ‘Scotty’ Reston.

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