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The Need for the Great Speaking Dragon

No, it’s not about dragons, but I thought that might spark your curiosity.  One might think in such an age of technological wonderment’s that we could produce a good voice recognition system (VRS) worthy of praise, I think Google leads the pack, but the race is far from finished. I would much rather speak my texting messages then text it. the same for my emails, OK so you can read them emails but you still can’t type them. Using the keyboard to me just seems so 1980’s unless I’m coding.  I think an interface computer linking to your personal desktop, notebook, or Ipad would have the processing power to pull it off.  The device must be solely for a VRS to be worthy of its design and practical application across multiple devices.  I want to be able to talk to my computer like in retro star trek episodes, that would be a feat android.  I guess maybe another 10-15 years I’ll have to wait.


The Wonder of Wonderbread

It’s sad to see an American Icon of 90+ years just fall apart like Hostess recently did. I can understand the lack of Americans really needing any more Twinkies or Ho Ho’s in their diet. They could have changed the ingredients to make them less fattening, or changed their branding model, but the bread, I will miss. I remember being a child pushing my fingers on the bread watching it get pressed all together, strange things children do. I hope they will find another door of opportunity because it really was wonder-bread.

Veterans Day take~2

Taking a moment to reflect upon my fellow comrades and brothers in arms who have served this great nation, praying that they and their families and love ones find peace and serenity in knowing the importance of the mission, the valor and bravery all members of the armed forces face on a daily basis. Reflecting upon the ones who have gave the ultimate price for our freedom. May all who served this great nation and the ones taking the ranks keep America Strong, each and everyday is a veterans day, we will never stop protecting our homeland.

Veterans Day

The wounds we received have not always been on the battlefield of combat, but wounds indeed they are, scars that penetrate deep into our being, tested like Guinea pigs at times with unknown outcomes in hopes of a more perfect soldier. We committed to give our life to our country and die if need be, and many did, but after we finish our term, the lucky ones? many were left homeless and ill cared for. Once a sharp mind many were now shattered like a piece of glass. Valor is an act that walks besides bravery, both carry a heavy price if one chooses to walk with them. Once a soldier, always a soldier, its important to remember.

On this day in history

Jack the Ripper killed his last prostitute today in 1888. Idaho became the first state to grant votes for women – but only men voted on it, of course. Give ’em a hand! The first Auto Show was held at Madison Square Garden in New York with 31 cars on display in 1900. The Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Our Town” opened in New York and ran a surprisingly short 77 performances. Russia launched the first dog in space in 1957. The Iran-Contra affair began today when a Lebanese magazine revealed that the US sold arms to Iran. The Abruzzi earthquake in Italy killed 15,000 in 1706. Also dead: Annie Oakley, Henri Matisse, Wilhelm Reich, and Mary Martin. Celebrating birthdays: Adam Ant, Kate Capshaw, Dennis Miller, Roseanne, Lulu, and James ‘Scotty’ Reston.