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And I though it was all just in movies & real estate, I am amazed at all the applications these days that won’t let you click just about anything without requesting your GPS location. from TV apps to almost any social media platform, it seems, “where are you!” Is the biggest question big brother wants to know. I understand some location centric applications really need this type of data, but way too many applications are requesting this info, making you a marketing dream for corporations and a moving target for others.


China’s Wakeup Call

I ‘m shocked to see my niece yesterday via video-cam in china and learn her beautiful long hair had been cut like a boy!  I asked what happened, she told me the teacher had ordered all the girls to have their hair cut, I pondered a bit and had to ask, why? She told me the school wants the students, girls mostly 13-15 in middle school to focus on studying and not their looks, How cruel and asinine an ideology . I find such hypocrisy in the Chinese education system its pathetic, you see for the last 15 years to learn something in china you need to pay the teachers off, bribes  in the forms of money, gifts or something of value.  If you do not pay the teachers off then they put the child in the back of a 48 child packed room and tell the parents the child is bad or doesn’t study enough. To give a real life example of this, a friend of the family had a daughter who was fairly smart and couldn’t pass the test because the teacher said “didn’t you go to my school to learn this.”  You see in china there are no real learning exchanges in the classrooms unless you pay for learning after school, another dirty little secret china needs to change.  The mere fact that teachers are abusing the system like this should outrage the parents but so many are afraid of speaking out for fear of repercussions.   I say to the families go to war with these bastards, reading this article sadden my heart  When a school/government pushes its people too far the only course left is revolution.   As Artist and filmmaker Zhang Bingjian said in the article A Portrait of Chinese Corruption In Rosy Pink, by in Louisa Lim.  “If you want to do business here, even if you want to find a good school for your kids, you have to corrupt somebody,” says Zhang. “If you want to find a good hospital for your mother, you have to give money to somebody under the table. … It’s like a hidden rule.” I think that rule needs a change before its sadistic ideologies hit other shores.  I know there are enough Anonymous people out there to make it happen.  This Dragon is awake, take note China, 1337

It’s a bugged life!

I’m convinced that about 99.9% of America is bugged, aside from the occasional paranoia viewpoint people have it seems everything is connected to everything else, whether it’s your phone connected to your social media or your Facebook account connected to your employers back pocket. When I think about all the cameras and surveillance I’m perplexed to ask the question, is it the ones worrying about the cameras or the ones using the cameras that are paranoid