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With the view on hacking and hacktivism being one of great interest to those concerned, it’s really a matter of perspectives on the hat that’s worn being white or black, logically thought out from a perspective point of view, the information is what really lies at the key issue here, that being true unadulterated and of the purest form to really evaluate the whole.


Code of Ethics Similarities

Aside from the obvious related themes, I noticed each of the writings were written to a different group of society and to reach different educated groups. The ACM writings were well defined and structured while Xanatomy’s was a spinoff of a bible lesson. And the biggest anarchist writing would be The Hacker code of ethics,which has valid arguments, Levy, Steven. 1984. Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution, Anchor Press/Doubleday, Garden City, NY, 458 pp.

Depending if your glass is half full or half empty I think many even deeper interpretations should be gained by cross referencing other type of ethic codes,

A conclusion I throw out there is as you geographically move into another culture and society you must educated the people at the correct age of the subject matter to achieve the determined outcome to produce the desired results at a future given point in time.