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NBC Universal Veterans Network

I recently had the pleasure of attending a workshop that was held at NBC in Rockefeller center and I was very impressed with the commitment from so many companies working with Veterans. NBC Universal,,  As a Veteran I can never thank my fellow Veterans enough for the sacrifice they make for our country, and any and all who work on their behalf are the people and organizations that define excellence in my opinion.


Things to come

The future is not so difficult to predict as many might think, it just requires a keen sense of awareness and attention to detail, Not everything can be predicted but based on good analytics many things can. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see the build up of military power in a country or the transport armored vehicles to see that “somethings up” but understanding clearly without mistake is the key to these things.  The things to come our the use of  predictable analytics to cast a glimpse into the future of us as people, the way we think, the things we buy and the reasoning behind it all.  Fusion centers have the first run on it but I see many private organizations understanding the value of predictive analysis from a consumer standpoint.

Reprogramming pavlov’s dog

Neuro associations are more prevalent and detrimental in society today than most think, when I think of TV ads and how they dig into peoples mind with the repetitive commercial advertising I’m glad I’ve put it away, although the internet may have new forms of neuro associations at least my ability to click them away  keeps me in the safe zone for now.