Organic to be or not to be!

Some of the believed benefits of Organic food are easily found in its opposite counterpart, The average non organic fruit contains more than 20 pesticides. A report released by the Pesticide Action Network Of North America and Commonwealth finds that Americans can experience up to 70 daily exposures to residues of a class of toxic chemicals known as “persistent organic pollutants” or POPs, including such chemicals as dioxin and DDT, through their diets.
The report, “Nowhere to Hide: Persistent Toxic Chemicals in the U.S. Food Supply,” analyzes chemical residue data collected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and finds persistent chemical contaminants across ALL food groups. Exposure to POPs has been linked to serious diseases and developmental disorders, including:Nervous system disorders,Immune system suppression,Breast and other types of cancer,Reproductive damage and Disruption of hormonal systems. The majority of organic food is richer in vitamins, minerals and fiber and retains the levels of nutrients for much longer. The body will be more resistant to disease when it has higher levels of the essential nutrients it needs to fight off infection. The body will have more energy through consuming lower levels of toxins and chemicals that slow the body down, If you are eating dairy or farm produce then you are also eating the chemicals, drugs and growth hormones given to the animals. Stringent standards are meet in organic food producing crops, additionally organic farms use of water resources do not leach nitrogens and other pollutants from their soil. Organic food tastes better and does not contain toxic chemicals, do we need more reasons?

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