Presidental troop support

Whether its former President Bush teasing Senator John Kerry about troop support putting in question democratic support for troops. Its clear with the efforts President Obama has done that he is clearly for supporting and helping our troops.  Just yesterday on thanksgiving day Our President called 10 soldiers to wish them a happy thanksgiving day  is a thought from the heart.  I am also aware of other support President Obama has done.

As a veteran I feel more can be done to help veterans for instance “”18 veterans commit suicide each day. Five of those veterans are under our care at VA.”” this leaves 13 who cannot get VA care in the higher risk category, The bill and rules that congress and the house have passed need to be corrected for all veterans who served our country to be able to get decent health-care from the VA. I believe its the least we can do for the Brave Men & Women of this Great Republic & Nation to give some dignity and purpose to their lives for what they have committed to do for our protection and safety.  If it were a child of our own what price would we pay to resolve an illness or could we ever put a price on that, lets not put a price on the ones who served this Great Country and who have given the ultimate price their life, and those who are willing to do the same for our protection, Never must we abandon them Never!


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