Wishing you a peaceful Thanksgiving day holiday.

Remembering to not forget all the things we have to give thanks to. A brave country we call America. All the brave men and women of The Armed Forces of The United States of America, who served and was willing to put their life on the line and some did to protect this great nation we call America. More than just land of the free and home of the brave, we are the thinkers the writers the poets the scientists, We shake and trend this world, that is who we are!  We are not a mindless country without thought!, we will not be ruled by a government that is not elected!  We are Americans! Made from the greatest nations on earth to forge the strongest empire the world will ever see. What Rome could not see, we never overlooked.  We are a loving people with patriotic hearts Our colors stand for Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness  and more for those lucky enough decrypt the spectrum.  We are a strong nation in mind and spirit we are not Borg, but can control them. We a the Greatest nation on Earth this is why the world comes to us. We will not lose that title at all costs for it is in our DNA and etched in our hearts and mind. God Bless America

Warm regards,

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