Spiritual knowledge

I find it amazing that so many people are “seeking second hand knowledge” as I call it, in the realm of spiritual knowledge. Its quite clear to the reader that the bible is the most spiritual book ever written and all forms of awareness and new age spirituality are taken from it.   The devil can only imitate GOD and does a bad job of it, If you want to understand true knowledge and wisdom you should read it.


  1. Indeed, the Bible is sacred, particularly for the Western society. At the same time, there were, and are currently living, sages of the Orient of in India, who autored no less enlightening teachings.
    The main difference between the former and the latter is that the Bible was a subject to numerous alterations and interpretations, hence losing partly its original message.
    Still, all truly holy scriptures hail one God.
    The problem is, that the usurpers, themselves far from being holy, produce teachings that are nothing more but their “interpretations” of God, and lack any integrity whatsoever…


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