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To the Mad Russian

It seemsĀ  “Root User “ellisw@death-blade.dclans.ruĀ  has spammed numerous people all over the world as of 2:08am this morning. The knowledge of Information is for those who know how to use it.


I cannot thank them enough.

An Ark

I saw an Ark it made me wonder,

it rose above like fire and thunder,

It flew through space at timeless speeds,

And vanished where man has no needs.



Jimmy Fallon New/Old School

There are few comedians as talented as Jimmy Fallon and his fame is only rising. As Jimmy skirts the prime-time shows, With his own Monty Hall style of late night, Jimmy really brings the heart and satire of comedy to an aspired new level of old school new school, Well done Mr. Fallon congratulations.