The Human condition

Not that’s it will get better anytime soon, It just seems we hope for the best. People have lost respect for not only themselves it seems these days but also for others and the way we interact with one another. I watch people everyday act in such ways that just make me say why? wheter its a politian on tv making rude comments to the president or the lack of decency I see on the streets everyday. please understand im not focusing on the negative just letting more perspectives be known.  The understanding and education of Ethics and morality could go along way in America.  If people would just be more aware of others feelings and try to think before just doing what ever makes them feel good.  feelings are important in our lives but not to live by them. we should try to live by values and morals which build character and honor. we all have these choices everyday. Not everyone will agree with me and thats ok, because I agree to disagree. peace-out


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