Intergration related to publishing

The advantages of Integration within the scope of the publishing industry is enormous, with online sales into the billions by such companies as all facets of integration in the publishing and distribution of publishing materials lead to improved efficacy and productivity. Technology paves the way to be able to provide an enhanced way of business, through Enterprise Architecture strategies improving processes and giving a one dimensional face to a company. Additionally new technological advantages are important to the distribution processes which can only be taken advantage of if your company is at the forefront of its industry, having said this all companies are somewhere tied to the information technology age. The premises here is the deeper the involvement the greater return of investment hence forth enterprise architecture is born. A Company that continues to succeed in distribution improvement in this area is UPS, utilizing Enterprise Architecture as its foundation of execution for success. My recommendation throughout this post is integration will out weight non-integration more often than less. Technology encompasses our world and day to day functions whether it’s a business or the way we drive our cars they are all routines and processes. Learning to integrate them or embed as some may call it only serves to increase our overall success.

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